roses-194490_1280Imagine for a moment your perfect Valentine’s evening—flowers, candy, a candle-lit dinner and spending time with that special someone. It’s the dream, right? Now imagine the next morning, you wake up with a smile and wander out into the kitchen for a warm cup of Joe; in your groggy state you notice something is amiss and moving on the counter! In horror, you realize that a small group of cockroaches has invaded your heart-shaped candy box and ants have made a beeline for the sweet remains of your dessert, lining up to celebrate their good fortune in finding cake and frosting still clinging to last night’s dishes. Yikes! Don’t let pests ruin your big day, call the pest control experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can offer tips on how to get rid of bugs and keep these nasty critters at bay. In the meantime, below are some suggestions, that if followed, can help make sure your day-after isn’t filled with the sickening image of bugs feasting on the remnants of your good time.

  • Secure the Candy: Cockroaches are attracted to unwrapped, yummy, cream-filled candy. Don’t leave the box open and out on the counter. Bugs outside your house can smell them and will come running. Instead, store the remaining chocolates in a sealed bag or hard plastic container.
  • Toss the Romantic Flowers: Fresh flowers are truly beautiful, but once they start wilting, not only do they lose their charm, they become dying vegetation—just the kind of thing ants and roaches like to eat, so put aside those feelings of attachment and toss those flowers the minute they start to show their age.
  • Do the Dishes: No one wants to do the dishes at the end of a romantic evening, but leaving them out will give cockroaches and ants a reason to celebrate, too. Wipe the table, sweep or vacuum crumbs that have fallen onto the floor and find a way to make washing dishes with that special someone, a special event as well.
  • Put Away the Leftovers: Store cooking ingredients and leftovers in tightly, sealed containers and then put them away, or else you could be in for a nasty surprise later on.
  • Deal with the Garbage: Empty that kitchen garbage bag before it spills over onto the floor, which will keep pests away from the garbage, cooking and pantry areas.
  • Rinse or Cap Recyclables: Rinse or cap recyclables before putting them in your recycling bin. Soda/beer/wine cans and/or bottles and empty food containers are roach magnets.

Don’t let pests spoil your Valentine’s dream, call the pest control experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We’ll save the day by teaching you how to keep ants, roaches and other pests away—or we’ll get rid of those unwanted guests that are already in your home.