restaurant-449952_12802Roaches and restaurants just do not mix. A restaurant of any kind that has this particular Florida pest in abundance can be devastating. And a roach issue can cascade from fines to employee health and customer safety. Roaches are relentless, but in Brevard County, no pest control experts are better at dealing with them than those at Apex. Their trained and certified Brevard County pest control experts can rid your business of even the worst level of infestation.

Mainly, roaches are attracted to structures for some pretty simple reasons: food, water, and shelter. They are adaptable creatures that can survive off of very little, and they can enter into the smallest of spaces. Once imbedded (and this is particularly true if your business is located in an older Brevard building) roach populations can be very difficult to remove in full.

But removed they must be, as roaches pose both a health risk and a risk of reputation to any Brevard County-area business they might become common in. A restaurant cannot even operate without passing health inspections; inspections that often cover this pest specifically. Sometimes before moving into the realm of roach removal, easy steps can be taken to prevent them. These steps include cutting out unnecessary food sources, noting what water they may have access to, and keeping closed-off areas of your business free from general clutter (roaches, in short, need cover).

When thinking about pest management as a brick and mortar business, you should be considering it right alongside equally critical factors such as inventory and location. A pest-free business is the bedrock of a success; it is essential. When starting a new business, look to the Brevard County county pest control experts at Apex to help you along the way. We offer no cost inspections and quotes, as well as full-service plans that will keep your property protected for years to come. From prevention based maintenance to in-depth examinations before you move into a property, Apex’s technicians can identify problem areas and find remedies to fix them. Call us today at 866-675-4070, or contact us through this website for more information and to set up a time for an inspection. A pest-free business is the first step to a successful one.