shish kabobWhen you’re having an outdoor party, the last thing you want is for bugs to show up and ruin everyone’s fun. Bugs get into your food and annoy your guests, so how can you keep them away?

Choose Your Location Carefully
If you’re planning an outdoor party, consider your surroundings. Some areas are easier to control than others. Places like campsites, parks, and tailgating locations are harder to manage. If you have the party in your own backyard or on your deck, you have a lot more freedom to manage pests.

Puddles, standing water, and tall grass can attract pests. Before a backyard party, get rid of standing water on your property and mow your grass. For even more protection, you could choose to spray in advance for mosquitoes. If the party will be in a public area, try to choose an area that’s well-maintained.

Keep Lighting Away from Guests

Some types of bugs are attracted to lights. At your party, you could see flies, moths, or other annoying flying insects buzzing around your lighting. To make this less of a problem, set up your lighting away from your guests. For example, instead of placing lanterns on the table, you could use hanging party lights.

Keep Your Party Food Covered

Your guests come to your parties for the great food, and so do the bugs. To avoid attracting unwanted guests like flies and bees, keep your party food covered as much as possible. For casual get-togethers, you could use plastic bins with lids to protect the food. For more elegant affairs, try mesh food covers.

Use Insect Repellent

During your parties, you should be socializing with your guests, not swatting at flies and mosquitoes. To repel bugs, consider applying an insect repellent beforehand. Repellents that contain DEET are effective against mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and other bugs. Encourage your guests to use repellents, too.

You don’t need to let bugs take over your outdoor parties. By taking some simple precautions, you can get rid of bugs and have a great time with your guests. If you need help keeping your next party pest-free, don’t hesitate to call the experts!


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