cockroach-70295_1280Ah, the cockroach: if you see one, there’s probably a thousand you don’t see, especially in Florida. Apex’s Tampa pest control unit has dealt with cockroach infestations in homes, apartments, garages, and any other structure known to man, for over three decades. Everyone who has lived here has seen them, and everyone simply wants them gone, but getting rid of cockroaches can seem like an arm wrestling match that never ends, and for good reason. We’ll use that common term, cockroaches, although it should be noted there are different species, which we can identify, and that require different pest control approaches. But whatever you care to call them, below are just five of the reasons for the bugs incredible ability to be of a constant annoyance.

  • They are fast: Seems obvious to anyone and everyone who has ever flicked on the kitchen light late one summer night; it’s a cliché for a reason. But in raw numbers, they can move at 80 centimeters per second and cruise at three miles per hour. They react quickly, with eight milliseconds a common time for the little creatures to get those legs moving.
  • They are resilient: Another cliché: they’ll survive anything and have been around since before the dinosaurs. The earliest cockroaches were indeed roaming this planet hundreds of millions of years, with the earliest cockroach fossils around 320 million years old. And whether it’s dinosaur dens or your kitchen nook, it makes no difference to a cockroach. Beyond that, they can live without their heads for a week (that is true) and survive in well below freezing temperatures.
  • They are small: Our southern ones in the Tampa pest control area certainly don’t seem it, but they are, in fact, are small compact creatures that can fit in just about any amount of space available to them.
  • They eat anything: Anything. This may be their greatest piece of adaptation. Cockroaches not only can live without for around a month, but they can live with “food” as seemingly inedible as soap, glue, leather, hair, books, and wood.
  • They are fast breeders: This varies a bit by species, but most have 30-40 eggs per capsule and lay anywhere from six to eight egg capsules in their average one-year life cycle. So for some quick math, that’s the ability to produce around 300 offspring in one year. From one female cockroach. Yikes, indeed.

We know these facts at Apex because it is our business to know them. It is these insights that allow us to take the battle to these omnipresent pests, and keep your home clear from their swarms. Contact us at 866-675-4070 if you are encountering a problem, or would like to know more about our Tampa Pest control services.

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