raccoonRaccoons are one of the most common urban animals in Florida, and they’re often seen around homes. While these furry animals may seem cute and harmless, that’s unfortunately not the case. Like any wild animal, raccoons can pose dangers to people and pets. When raccoons become troublesome, pest removal services are required.

Raccoons Spread Diseases

Contact with raccoons is potentially dangerous because of the diseases they can spread. In Florida, raccoons are one of the main wildlife sources of rabies, a disease that’s nearly 100 percent fatal. Rabid raccoons can become aggressive and attack for no apparent reason. Since the rabies virus is spread through infected saliva, bites are a serious concern.

Rabies isn’t the only disease that can be spread by raccoons. They can also spread a type of roundworm that’s dangerous to people. The roundworm is spread through raccoon feces. When people ingest something contaminated with raccoon feces, they can become very sick.

Raccoons Cause Property Damage

Even healthy raccoons can be a nuisance. Since raccoons will eat pretty much anything, they have an annoying habit of raiding people’s garbage cans and leaving garbage scattered on the ground. They’ll also break into sheds or garages to access food or shelter.

Raccoons Attack Pets

Raccoons may come in contact with pets, and sometimes, that doesn’t end well. Raccoons may fight with cats. If no other food is available, raccoons can even prey on small cats.

When raccoons are healthy, they don’t usually attack dogs. However, dogs can chase raccoons, and raccoons may fight back to defend themselves. Both animals can become injured in this situation.

Rabid raccoons may attack pets for no apparent reason. To protect your pets, keep your cats indoors all the time. When your dogs go outside, keep them on a leash.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Easy access to food can draw raccoons to your property. Avoid leaving any food outside, including pet food. Take steps to raccoon-proof your garbage. Storing your garbage cans in a padlocked shed is a good strategy. Bungee cords can also be used to keep garbage cans securely closed.

Raccoons are widespread, and they can become a nuisance. For help with your raccoon troubles, give the Orlando pest removal experts at Apex a call.