lawnmowerThere are many fungal diseases that can affect Florida lawns. These diseases don’t just make your lawn unhealthy, but they harm its appearance. Apex, the Orlando lawn care experts, knows how important green, thriving lawns are to homeowners.

Identifying Fungus

Fungal diseases can seriously impact the look of your lawn. One sign of fungus is the appearance of round, discolored patches that are brown and sunken, and sometimes bordered by orange. Irregular patches of yellow or light green grass, or patches of dying grass, can be signs of fungal activity.

Mushrooms, or toadstools, are another sign of fungal problems. Large, white mushrooms (4 to 5 inches wide) are commonly seen on Florida lawns. In addition to being an eyesore, many common lawn mushrooms are poisonous to both people and animals.  

Fungus isn’t the only cause of lawn damage; cold weather or drought can also damage your lawn. Since these problems have to be treated in different ways, it’s important a lawn care professional diagnoses your lawn.

Preventing Fungus

To prevent a fungal infestation, focus on properly caring for your lawn. When lawns aren’t cared for, they can become more susceptible to disease.

Set a regular mowing schedule and mow your lawn to the recommended height for your grass species. Be careful to avoid overwatering your lawn — Florida lawns usually need between 1/2 and 3/4 inch of water during each watering session. It’s best to water your lawn in the early morning, rather than in the evenings, so your grass blades can fully dry out during the day.

Controlling Fungus

If your lawn is affected by fungus, the first control step is to accurately identify the type. Once identified, you can start an appropriate treatment. Fungicides may only need to be applied to affected areas of the lawn, but in some cases the entire lawn requires treatment.  

It’s also important to eliminate the conditions that originally let fungus invade the lawn. Depending on your lawn’s needs, this could include adjusting your irrigation system or mowing on a regular schedule. Disease control isn’t a simple process, but your lawn care professional can set up a customized plan to get your lawn back on track.

Fungus can damage your lawn, but this can be prevented with proper care. To keep your yard looking and feeling its best, call the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex.