yellow houseSpring is here, which means that pest problems are just around the corner. Pests that were less active over the winter months will soon be back to cause trouble for Florida homeowners. Apex, the Orlando pest control company, has tips for homeowners who want to protect their homes this spring.

Repair Rotted Wood

Spring brings rain, and all that rain can encourage rotting wood. Wood-eating insects, like termites and carpenter ants, are drawn to the rotted areas. Wild animals may use these weakened spots to gain easy access to your home, whereas rodents like mice and rats – or larger animals like raccoons – could move inside. To keep them out, inspect your home for rotted wood and repair any damage you discover.

Repair Screens

With warmer weather on the way, you may be excited to leave your windows open. If your window screens are torn or missing, you could let in all kinds of pests instead of just fresh air. Inspect your window screens and make any necessary repairs, and make sure to take a look at any screened doors as well.

Fill in Puddles

When it rains, you may notice puddles form on some parts of your property. This is a concern because these puddles could attract various pests. Water that accumulates near your home’s foundation could attract termites and any standing water could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To avoid these problems, fill puddles with crushed rock or soil.

Inspect Your Gutters

When gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris, they easily attract pests. Trapped water can become stagnant, which appeals to mosquitoes, and when water overflows and collects near your exterior walls, it can attract termites. Inspect your gutters, and if necessary, clean them. Ensure they direct water away from your home.

Invest in Prevention

Your home is vulnerable to pests during the spring months, but don’t wait until they show up to get help. Investing in preventative pest services is easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of an existing pest infestation. Before spring arrives, have a pest control professional inspect and treat your property.

Spring has sprung! It’s time for homeowners to prepare for spring pest problems. For help keeping your home safe from pests, call Apex, the Orlando pest control experts.