The Full Package for Property Management

When it comes to protecting your business’ property, Apex Pest Control provides you with a full-service property management package. When you use our property management service, you can focus on running your business with peace of mind, knowing your property is in good hands.

We design each treatment plan to fit the needs of our clients. During our first visit, we will search your property, inside and out, thoroughly treating for unwanted pests. Once we are certain the property’s interior and exterior spaces have been fully eradicated of pests, we will discuss a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly treatment plan.

Following the first visit, your personal Apex technician will stop by for outdoor perimeter pest prevention treatments. These treatments ensure that your establishment’s pest defenses are functioning as intended. At Apex, our customers’ convenience is one of our top priorities, so we do not require you to interrupt your daily routine to attend the preventative visits. Serving Florida from coast to coast, Apex Pest Control provides you with the full package in property management pest prevention.

Pest Control

When you use our Property Management Service, the buildings on your property will receive preventive services designed to keep pests away. We offer interior as well as exterior services that will rid your buildings of everything from wasp nests to rodents, and, once they’re gone, we ensure that they stay that way. You’ll never have any unwanted visitors on your property when you use the dedicated Property Management Service of Apex Pest Control.

No matter the season, Apex Pest Control will lay the bait and perform the interior and exterior duties necessary to both prevent infestations and take care of whatever pests may currently be residing on your property. With Apex Pest Control’s Property Management Service, you can work on attracting customers while we keep those unwanted guests away.

Lawn, Ornamental Shrubbery, Palm, and Tree Services

If you want to fly high with your business, you have to get with Ground Control first. You may think you can handle the maintenance of all your commercial property’s lawns, but you’ll soon come to find these tasks aren’t as easy as you think. After all, you have a business to run, and if you’re worrying about lawn care, you won’t be able to put your full time and effort toward your duties.

We know that no two grounds are alike, which is why Apex Pest Control will provide individual analysis for your property’s green space including watering and care specifics. Then we’ll work with you to formulate a schedule to keep your grounds in perfect shape. Get the weed control, insect control, fertilization, shrubbery, palm, and tree care you need with our Property Management Service. Call today for a free same-day inspection.

Termite Prevention

The last customer you need in your establishment is a colony of termites. Not only do termites threaten the structure’s integrity, they can make tenants or customers very unhappy with large swarms of insects, costing you revenue and reputation. With Apex Pest Control’s Property Management Service, termites will receive our full attention. We don’t just take care of current infestations, but we go the extra mile and treat all the structures on your property with the preventive care they need to keep termites away in the first place.

Commercial Aquatic Weed Control

While many aquatic plants are desirable, beautiful, and, oftentimes, necessary, they can sometimes become a problem and interfere with community waterways. An overrun lake fountain or pond can devalue and pollute your property. If your weed-infested waterway is sending your customers or tenants away scowling, then it’s time to call in the experts at Apex Pest Control.

After a careful analysis, we’ll employ one of our proficient methods to control problematic aquatic weeds.  Some of our methods include: environmental manipulation, biological control, and chemical control. With aquatic pest control, expertise is a must, and proper identification of the particular weed(s) is the first step in implementing the necessary control. Your experienced, professional Apex representative can make that assessment and recommend the most effective and environmentally sound treatment plan.

Hire the property management service that Florida commercial property owners trust. At Apex Pest Control, we have the regular services you need to make sure your property is free from pests and looking great as well. Call to schedule service now.