lawnmower-384589_1920A beautiful lawn is only as good as the care with which it receives. And this could not be more true than in the state of Florida, especially during the summer. Between the heat, the pests, and the lawn-based diseases, that green patch in front and behind your home is a constant battleground. The professionals in Tampa pest control at Apex have some tips for you, and below, we’ll highlight some of the most problematic critters that may be turning your golf course grade patch of the American dream into an unruly briar patch of sadness.

Weeds and lawn diseases are common and often tricky to deal with. Red thread is fairly common in Florida as it thrives in our warm and moist summer months; things like improved ground air circulation can help here. Of course, weeds, particularly in Florida, are simply a constant battle. Our subtropical climate means that the huge cornucopia of plant life has no problem trying to find a foothold in any part of a lawn. Due to our mild winters, they linger, as well. Vigilance is one of the best weapons for any lawn-based weed problem, but with a lack of time and the overwhelming nature of the task, calling professionals such as those at Apex can often be your best solution. Consistent lawn treatments keep weeds and diseases at bay.

Pests cause their own set of unique headaches for your finely manicured lawn, with the most common and consistent being the chinch bug. In northern states, chinch bugs are a problem as related to summer as the songs of an ice cream truck, but in Florida, they are a constant menace. Difficult to identify by simply seeing the actual insect, chinch bugs can be recognized for the damage they leave: look for strange irregular looking patches of brown grass. If you have a number of these, without a discernable pattern, odds are you have a problem with chinch bugs, as opposed to your sprinkler just missing an area.

Chinch bugs are tremendously difficult to control and really only respond to lawn-based insecticides. These are available over the counter, but the type offered are nowhere near equal to the effectiveness available to the professionals in Apex’s Tampa pest control teams. Not only that, but consistent and specialized application is key; our years of experience with these creatures have put us in an ideal position to be there for your lawn. Other less common Florida lawn pests include webworms and lawn-eating caterpillars, and we are equipped to battle those, as well.

We haven’t mentioned fire ants, but, needless to say, there is nothing more within our wheelhouse than these unfortunate kings of the Florida backyard. They are less capable of complete lawn destruction than chinch bugs, but as every local knows, they are downright dangerous. If you have any questions or need more information on lawn-based Tampa pest control, feel free to contact Apex at 877-459-2847, or continue browsing our site.