banner1Florida pests come in many shapes, sizes, and species types, but none are quite as feared as our local termites. No pest has the ability to cause more damage before they can even be detected. Because of this, when it comes to this voracious wood-eating creature, the experts in Orlando termite prevention at Apex always push for prevention methods instead of control methods. Although prevention and control seem similar on the surface (if the bugs are gone, does it matter how or why?), they are in fact radically different approaches with dissimilar goals in mind.

The benefits of prevention as opposed to controlling, removing, and isolating termites, particularly in Florida, are pretty self-evident. Peace of mind is an obvious place to start; when going with a fully-integrated and thought out termite prevention system, you can rest assured that the creatures will never have an impact on your home or business. But, there are other reasons, and the we’ve served up a few of our most common below.


First and foremost, with many pest control techniques, cost must be taken into account. Termites are a creature where the benefits of paying to be secure from them far outweigh the short-term goal of being stingy. Once colonized within your walls, species of the bug like the Eastern Subterranean termite can decimate many thousands of dollars worth of materials before they are discovered. Not only that, but the cost of removal (complicated and thorough) is usually higher than the simple cost of prevention in the first place.

Regular Visits

When attempting to control termites, this may mean that technicians must be on your property consistently. In a busy world with a busy life, this isn’t always ideal. Well-thought-out termite prevention measures, whether pre-home construction or post, on the other hand, can stop the problem without repeat visits to a home or business.

Variety of Methods

Our options for termite prevention at Apex are varied, from treated wood to intricate systems like Bora-Care® and Termidor®. When it comes to the unfortunate step of termite removal, however, the methods can be more limited, and none of them are particularly fun for the homeowner.

Home Care

Finally, if you have a termite prevention system in place, you needn’t worry as much about your own behavior attracting these fearsome pests. Our systems are not fool-proof, but they go a long way towards total denial.

So, before termites have a chance to pay your property a visit, secure it with innovative techniques from the leader in Orlando termite prevention at Apex. We offer free, no-obligation inspections and always respond to any inquiries promptly. In a state where pests are part of the everyday fabric of life, enjoy your time more comfortably knowing you have the best on your side. Contact Apex anytime at (866) 675-4070 for more information.