pavilion-1031379_1920One of the best parts of a Florida winter is not just the blue skies and perfect temperatures, but the lack of mosquitoes. It can be easy sometimes, over these peaceful winter months, to forget how difficult it is to be able to read a book outdoors during the evenings in July. Mosquitoes require preparation before outdoor activities can be safely tried, and the Tampa pest control professionals at Apex can help in many aspects of this groundwork.

However, there is plenty you can do as an individual homeowner as well. Mosquitoes are a fact of life in Central Florida; one that can be better managed with knowledge. To prepare your backyard for the oncoming summer months, keep these tips in mind.

Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is the ultimate issue with mosquitoes, and with our summer wet season, it’s one that never ends. After every rainfall, it’s important to clear out any pockets of standing water. This even goes for outdoor cushions which can pool up water within fabric in larger amounts than is usually recognized.

It’s important to remember that the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, Aedes aegypti, easily reproduce by the thousands in a piece of standing water can fit into a bottle cap.

Unused Tires

Eliminate any unused tires from your yard or the surrounding area. Old tires are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos because they can become filled with stagnant water. Additionally, they can also hold leaves which serve as a nutritious snack. It’s actually only females that suck blood; Plant matter is often a source of nutrients for mosquitos. Lastly, the durable rubber of a tire can be used to protect mosquito eggs. Eliminating unused tires can eliminate many mosquito-related issues.


Nature has an abundance of animals that make it their mission in life to consume mosquitoes, so why not have a few more around your home? Here’s a quick list of natural predators to mosquitoes that can quite easily be kept around a moderate sized piece of property:


  • Frogs: You could let a few loose.
  • Chickens and ducks: Yes, this indeed true, and although not practical for everyone, good for rural areas.
  • Fish: Having something like a coy pond can help a mosquito issue quite a bit.

Patio Tips

Finally, general maintenance of your patio area, usually the closest area to your home, is critical. What you put forward can help thwart mosquitoes, even if in many cases these ideas won’t eliminate them.

  • Citronella candles and plants: Both are great for mosquito protection. The citronella plant itself has a long history in Florida as a mosquito defender and are easy to grow and maintain (especially in the summer).
  • Bug spray: Tried and true, it’s effective and necessary. Always be certain to apply mosquito spray before venturing out in the early mornings or evenings of summer.
  • Screens: Without them, there probably would not be as many people living in the Sunshine State as there are. Spring is a good time to check all of your screens for holes and tears.

Add to all of this the help Tampa pest control experts, such as those at Apex, can provide, and you’ll be ahead of the game this summer on the mosquito front. Contact us today to learn how we can help you prepare.