rush-348481_1920(1)There’s no better time in the Central Florida area to prepare your lawn for summer and spring then these last few cool weeks before they arrive. A properly done spring cleaning should always include your lawn; as the welcome mat to your home, and the nexus point for a wide variety of Florida pests, it’s a good thought to tidy it up. By incorporating some tips from your friendly Orlando lawn care specialists at Apex, you can go a long way to keep pests at a minimum this upcoming spring and summer.

Our tips are all simple ideas: things that can be done on a Sunday afternoon without much of a sweat broken. For the more complex pest solutions, always think of the local authority on all crawling creatures at Apex. But before giving us a call, prepare your lawn with these three tips.

  • Debris & Clutter

Over the winter months, even our completely mild ones, many areas of the lawn will go unused and unnoticed. This can lead to a buildup of debris and clutter which act as natural habitats for pests once we enter the active spring and summer months. It’s wise to clear out any type of clutter around your lawn, but particularly areas close to your home. A clear yard is a much less inviting one for everything from fleas to roaches, both of which require cover from predators.

  • Dethatch Lawns

Lawn thatch is simply a layer of non-decomposed plant matter that can get between your lawn and the soil/sand itself. This area can be a great habitat in the upcoming months for pests like subterranean termites and sod webworms. With our tough and sturdy St. Augustine grass, thatch will generally form on the edges of your lawn as compared to directly under it (as it can in the north latitudes). Simply lightly raking areas of dirt around your primary lawn can act as a dethatching mechanism.

  • Keeping the Grass Low

With the incoming heat of the summer in Orlando, there is a fine line at play here: cut low and you can damage and weaken your lawn, but leaving grass high can invite a wide-variety of common Florida lawn pests. Spring is a good time to get a handle on what length your individual lawn can handle with our climate; it offers a good combination of warm days and a fluid insect situation. One other factor to always consider is grass growing outside of your general lawn area (such as those on the other side of a fence).

For a more thorough inspection of your lawn, and to prepare it even further for the spring, contact the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex at (866) 675-4070.