zip-1557706_1920The cold fronts are coming, and with them, evolving threats on the Tampa pest control front. It’s a good idea to get prepared for the cooler weather now and to not wait for the various invasions and roaming pests that will look to make what should be the nicest time of year a headache for you and your family. And a few simple things make all the difference.

Inspect Around Windows and Doors

For starters, with the cool season setting in, it’s time open up all those windows and doors you’ve had barricaded up during the humid slog of the Tampa summer. But it’s important to check a few things before you do. Screens, in particular, are a common bug entry point that slowly but surely opens up quietly during the summer. Cracks and sealants around entryways and sliding glass doors are also significant to look into. And what better time to repair these issues than during the first cool breezes from the north?

Consider Your Evolving Lawn

Also, your lawn has evolved over the summer. With booming rains and constant sunlight, a Tampa area lawn can grow into a haven for pests in a matter of days. So areas that have been neglected during the summer season can be of particular concern. Over the fall and winter months, pests that had been living in overgrown pieces of your lawn begin to roam, and a solid cold front can send them headed for the indoor comfort of your home. This effect can be mitigated by cutting down and clearing out any overgrown vegetation; particularly the type that resides right along structures you’d rather pests not enter. Additionally, nests are often evacuated around late fall and early winter, so it’s a good idea to remove any found (spiders and wasps, in particular) even if they look abandoned: pests come back.

Call in the Professionals If Needed

And finally, if you need a professional set of eyes on your property, look no further than the local Tampa pest control experts at Apex. Our years of experience in this area and knowledge of the changing seasons and their effect are vital to securing your home and property. Getting to trouble areas before they become trouble is one of the cornerstones of good pest management, and at Apex we hold it in the highest regard. We offer a free no obligation quote and visit, and will always get back to you within 24 hours.