Easter eggsEaster is almost here, and that means families across Florida will be getting outside to enjoy Easter egg hunts. Pests like spiders, ants, and wasps are also outdoors and may get in the way of the holiday fun. Everyone wants a pest-free Easter egg hunt, so take time to prep your lawn before the event. Apex, the Tampa lawn care company, has some tips to help you get ready.

Inspect Your Yard First

Before you start hiding any eggs, inspect your yard for signs of pest problems. In Florida, fire ants are a major concern, so check your lawn for the tell-tale mounds these dangerous ants build. Check for spider webs and wasp nests as well. If you notice any pest problems, have a pest control specialist treat your yard.

Be Careful with the Eggs

As you’re hiding the eggs, take care not to damage them. When real eggs get cracked, they can attract scavengers like raccoons or opossums, and plastic eggs could provide a cozy hiding place for insects if they’re not completely sealed.

Provide a Trash Can

Easter egg hunts can be messy;  broken eggs, dropped candy, and dirty plates can accumulate in your yard and attract pests. That’s why it’s important to provide a trash can. When a trash can is easily accessible, your guests will be encouraged to clean up after themselves. Make sure to quickly pick up and discard any trash that your guests left behind.

Check Out Hiding Spots

The out-of-sight places you may want to hide eggs in are places that pests may want to hide in too. Before you hide an egg, examine the area to make sure no pests are lurking nearby. If you see a spider web, an ant hill, or any other signs of pest activity, choose another hiding place for the egg.

Count the Eggs

Your children and their friends may not find all the eggs you hid in the yard. If these eggs are left in their hiding places, they could attract pests. To keep this from happening, count the eggs beforehand, number them, and write down a list of all the hiding places. After the hunt, count the eggs to make sure they’ve all been found.


With some preparation, you can enjoy a pest-free Easter egg hunt. If you need help getting your lawn ready for the holiday fun, call Apex, the Tampa lawn care company.