Located near Tampa but a city all its own (as any local will let you know), Plant City is a charming piece of Florida. The strawberry capital of the world, this is a vast and modestly populated part of the state. Part of its allure is the 28-square miles the city covers with only 34,000 residents. This semi-rural nature, along with Florida’s semi-tropical climate, puts it on the radar for pests of all sorts. Plant City is at the nexus of quite a few of our major highways (I-4, U.S. 92, etc.) that can act as conduits for invasive pest species. The challenges of pest management in Plant City require an experienced response: Plant City pest control done correctly by Apex.

Apex offers an array of services for both Plant City home and business owners. From innovative ways to keep pests out of the structures in the first place, to removal and simple management. Our decades of experience allow us to see things that others just might not. For Plant City, there are some risks for which we are used to dealing with:

  • Termites: One of the more feared of any Florida pest due to the level of destruction they can cause, termites are a Plant City phenomenon year round. Our technicians are skilled at both identification and removal. It is always recommended that you take action before trouble starts as opposed to during. Plant City has an abundance of rural areas and old Florida wood, making it a particular target.
  • Roaches & Ants: Our friendly technicians are well versed in these two common Florida home pests, especially the omnipresent roach. With prevention programs that have been refined since 1985, our specialty is keeping your home free from a wide assortment of crawling creatures.
  • Bed Bugs: Resurgent state-wide, bed bugs can be found in Plant City as well. Difficult to remove, and often hard to even identify, professionals are your best option if they are suspected.

The solutions and treatments we offer are myriad. We do not have a one-size-fits-all philosophy of pest control.

  • Pest prevention insulation can be added both pre and post home construction.
  • We are licensed users of termite products such as Wisdom® TC, Bora-Care®, and Termidor®.
  • Innovative with our world-class PIPELINE™ system that wondrously keeps bugs away from the inside out.

Contact us anytime in Plant City for more information and a free, no-obligation inspection. For the years ahead in this bucolic piece of Florida, having confidence in your Plant City pest control systems can go a long way. We are here for every issue and always will get back to you within 24 hours.