cockroachCockroaches are the most prevalent species of insect in America. That’s partly because of their amazing hiding skills. They can squeeze into tiny crevices, and since they’re silent, you may not even notice them. So, where are cockroaches hiding? The Orlando pest control experts at Apex often find cockroaches in these hiding places:

On Ceilings

Cockroaches can easily walk upside down on smooth surfaces, like ceilings. They have tiny claws on the ends of their feet that make this possible. When you turn on the lights in a dark room, you may see cockroaches scurrying on the ceiling.

Around Water

Like other pests, cockroaches are attracted to water. In homes, they can be found hiding in damp areas. These damp areas include around the exposed pipes in cabinets, walls, or floors.

Around Furniture

Furniture provides a cozy place for cockroaches to hide. They hide in between cushions and beneath pillows. They can also be found hiding under wooden tables or on the backs of couches.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes provide the perfect habitat for cockroaches. These pests will eat anything that’s organic, so they see cardboard boxes as a tasty snack. The boxes also let the roaches hide and breed. Food and beverage boxes are particularly attractive hiding places for roaches.

Cockroaches can even take refuge in your appliances. Larger appliances, like stoves and refrigerators, have running motors that provide heat for roaches. Smaller appliances, like toasters, are full of delicious crumbs, and cockroaches may crawl inside for a meal. Roaches can also be found hiding behind your microwave, coffee maker, or other appliances.


Bathrooms have a lot of moisture, and that attracts cockroaches. The gross thing is that cockroaches also find a lot of food in bathrooms. They snack on soap residue, hair, discarded tissues, and other non-food objects. You can find them hiding around your toilet or underneath your sink.

Cockroaches are sneaky pests, and they can be found hiding in unlikely places all around Florida homes. If you see cockroaches indoors, the experts at Apex can help you get rid of them by contacting us today! If you’re looking for more tips, check out our blog.