golden-orb-spider-281142_1920The experts in Orlando pest control at Apex have years (decades, actually) of experience and have seen it all just as they have dealt with it all. Florida, on the pest front, is not for the squeamish. But beyond simply being icky, there are some pests in the Orlando area that can be downright dangerous. These are high-risk pests, the type that you cannot delay in getting rid of, and probably should not even try on your own.

Below are four local pests that we consider to be freaky, and potentially dangerous. Spotting any of these around your property is an immediate reason to contact the experts at Apex.

  • Mosquitoes: All right, freaky isn’t quite the right word with these because if you’ve spent any time in Florida, you’ll know they are as common as the sun. And if you’ve grown up here, they are basically a fact of life. However, they are dangerous nonetheless. From dengue to encephalitis to West Nile, malaria, and the newly spreading Zika virus, mosquitoes carry a wide host of highly hazardous diseases. The only remedy for many of these is to keep mosquitoes as far away from your home as possible, and although a difficult task, Apex has a variety of ways of doing this.
  • Wasps: Painful to all and downright deadly to the allergic, wasps are common year round in Florida. They love overhanging ceilings and undisturbed areas; they can also build large nests quickly.
  • Spiders: Most spiders are just creepy. Arachnophobia is not, in fact, just a hip new club downtown. Fear of these creepy crawlers is widespread, but generally without merit. That changes in two specific instances around Orlando: brown recluse spiders and the infamous black widow spiders. Both are extremely hazardous to any adult and potentially deadly to small pets and those susceptible. Removing these two species from your home is of critical importance.
  • Roaches: Aye, Florida’s state animal. Roaches are ubiquitous with this area for reasons of habitat: our winters do not clear them out, and our sprawling urban infrastructure is an environmental invention. Yuck. Roaches can spread diseases and (in extreme cases) cause physical damage to your property. Removing them is a constant job, but one that can be accomplished with experienced pest control experts and persistence. Also, yuck.

That’s just a few that we find disgusting. If any of these are causing issues around your home, make it a point to contact the Orlando pest control experts at Apex at 866-675-4070. We offer free consultations and can guide you on the best plan to keep your home free from both the creepy and the crawly.