sparklers-828570_1280Memorial Day weekend may be the kickoff to summer, but the Fourth of July is another reason to celebrate! It’s a great holiday for outdoor barbeques, trips to the beach, and, hopefully, a nice fireworks display. But all that outdoor action in the Florida summer has a consequence: pests. As the leaders in Orlando pest control, we thought we’d provide some tips for having a pest-free 4th of July celebration.

Although not all Fourth of Julys are celebrated the same way across Central Florida, there are some baseline ideas that can be incorporated into all types of parties:

  • Food inside: Even if you are having an outdoor party, trying to keep the majority of the food inside is a good idea. Pests of all types are primarily attracted to food sources, so keeping the attractant indoor is a great step.
  • Clear cups: In Florida, particularly, you never quite know what may have buzzed into your drink while you weren’t paying attention (or while you were preoccupied with the grill). And you may not know until it’s too late with cans and plastic solo cups. Drinking out of a clear cup might be a wise choice this Independence Day.
  • Seal garbage: Food becomes garbage, and both attract pests in droves. Sealing up your garbage as quickly as possible, and moving it far away from where you may have a party going, helps to keep pests to a minimum.
  • Clean up: It also helps with the ease of cleanup at the end of the party if you have some things taken care of during it. A thorough cleanup of a house or backyard party will prevent future pest problems in the weeks afterward. Try to think of everything: trash, counter surfaces, and debris left in the backyard.
  • Citronella: One thing you’re almost certain to encounter in a Fourth of July party in Florida is mosquitoes. Sprays help, and long clothing is recommended… but neither may be the best choice for a pool party. Try natural citronella, either the candles or the plants themselves, for an added layer of protection.

A pest-free Fourth of July party is the best kind, and following a few simple steps can get you there. But, for a more complete evaluation, always keep in mind that the Orlando pest control experts at Apex are just a phone call away. We offer a free, no-obligation inspection, and we will always get back to you within 24 hours.