urban-227729_1920Moving into your new home is exciting, and a well established home has several advantages: the lawn is green and deeply rooted, the trees are more than mere saplings, and the house has developed a character that separates it from the neighboring houses. Pre-owned homes also have disadvantages that may need to be remedied before you move in, especially when pests are involved. The Orlando pest control experts at Apex Pest Control have the following tips to share with you as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

  • Termite Inspection: Before you sign the purchasing contract, ensure a termite inspection has been completed. Even if you see no signs of termites as you walk through the house and check the foundation outside, many breeds of subterranean termites could already claim your home as their main source of food. A trained termite specialist from Apex can assist in checking your home for past or present damage, and determine if any repairs need to be completed before the home is purchased.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Ask for the carpets to be professionally cleaned in temperature ranges that will kill many of the problem pests lurking in rugs and carpets.
  • Leak Are a Problem: Check for any leaks below sinks and in the bathtub. Water puddles attract almost every insect. Clean any spills, and ask if any leaks were found during the home inspection. The less you give bugs to drink, the more likely it is they will go away.
  • Get Rid of Fleas: Fleas can live for a few months hidden in crevices and along the edges of carpets. Contrary to popular belief, fleas prefer hard surfaces to lay eggs. Thoroughly sweep and wash the hard surfaced floors before you bring in furniture.
  • Keep Windows Protected: During ambient weather, it is nice to have the windows open to let the breezes blow through the house. Use 1/8” mesh screens on all doors and windows to ensure even the smallest of insects has trouble flitting inside the fabric. Make sure screen doors and windows seal properly when they are closed with no gaps along the sides or tears in the fabric that would allow entry of small pests.

Your Orlando pest control team at Apex Pest Control will gladly inspect your new home before you move in to ensure the fewest pests possible are sharing your new home with you. Give Apex a call at 866-675-4070 to schedule an appointment. Our blogs explain many more pest control tips you can use to maintain the ultimate pest control practices in your home.