7F2A3739When you purchase a box of cereal or a bag of rice and place it in your cabinet, you expect it to be fresh the next time you need it, even if it is months in the future. Opened bags of grain and flour are typically sealed in zip-top bags or have their paper spouts (think bags of flour or sugar) folded over and pinned shut. Sometimes even these methods are no match to hungry pests. Read below if you want to keep your food free of pests, and contact pest removal in Orlando leaders, Apex Pest Control, if you note any of these signs in your pantry.

  • Have you ever opened your pantry and had a small grey moth or two flutter out? Chances are you have an invasion of Indian meal moths. These moths can eat through cardboard boxes and cellophane wrappers and live in grains and cereals, nuts, chocolate, and candies. They leave telltale web-like material inside packages, and you may often see moths inside what appears to be a sealed bag. Indian meal moths eat the outside of the grains and are classified as external feeders.
  • Merchant grain beetles love pasta, grains, and cereals as well as chocolate. Closely related is the sawtoothed grain beetle. Merchant grain beetles can fly; their sawtoothed cousins cannot. Both beetle types eat broken grains and will leave intact grains alone; hence they are considered scavengers.
  • Mealworms feed on moldy boxes or damp grains and are considered secondary feeders. They are actually the larvae of the darkling beetle.
  • Many varieties of weevils dwell in whole kernels of oats, corn, wheat, barley, and beans. Their larvae eat the kernel of the grain and are regarded as internal feeders.

If you find tiny holes in your packages, or see larvae or adults inside the grains or cereals in your cabinet, throw out the package and remove everything from the cupboards, clean all surfaces with a bleach solution, and check every box and bag. These pests are tenacious. Move all grains and cereals into airtight packages or store containers in the refrigerator.

If the problem pests persist, call pest removal in Orlando company, Apex Pest Control, as quickly as possible at (866) 675-4070 and speak with one of their trained professionals. With Apex’s help, your kitchen will be pest-free in no time.