cockroach-566717_1920What is the difference between a cockroach and a palmetto bug? Absolutely nothing. Along with being known as a waterbug, the American cockroach, or Periplaneta americana, also has the aliases of flying waterbug, Bombay canary, and simply a roach. These extremely adaptable beetles have been invading homes for millions of years with minimal changes in physical appearance. If you note any palmetto bugs in your home, especially during the daytime, contact Apex Pest Control, your Tampa pest control team; infestations are generally extensive if roaches are spotted during daylight or if they are in unusually large numbers. In the meantime, here is a list of defining features of palmetto bugs to help you familiarize yourself with this least-favorite beetle.

  • Palmetto bugs live off garbage. From last night’s lasagna to a decaying animal carcass, these omnivores will dine on anything. This lack of culinary finesse makes them prone to carrying diseases from one putrid food source to another. If you see palmetto bugs scurrying across your kitchen countertops, break out the disinfectant.
  • Recently, it has been noted that many homeowners have an allergic reaction to palmetto bug droppings and sheds, and these discarded insect parts may also be a root cause of some forms of asthma.
  • While palmetto bugs do eat both meat and plants, they are unlikely to bite people. With an abundance of natural food around them, palmetto bugs tend to shy away from people whenever possible.
  • Both male and female palmetto bugs have wings and are capable of flight. Much like a chicken, though, these flights are short-lived and tend more toward gliding than flying.
  • The most inviting living conditions for a palmetto bug are warm, damp, dark locations, such as under a sink, near air conditioners, in a sewer, or under yard debris during the rainy season. By removing or drying these tempting areas, palmetto bugs are less likely to stick around.

Cleaning the counters and floors after every meal greatly decreases the potential for palmetto bugs to claim your home as theirs. Keep in mind that a small crumb for you is a meal for an insect; sweep up food crumbs and clean countertops with disinfectant after meal preparation and eating. If you do notice a scattering of insects when you turn on the lights, contact the Tampa pest control team that knows how to control palmetto bugs, Apex Pest Control. For more information on insect control, lawn maintenance, and keeping your home pest-free, read our past blogs, or call (866) 675-4070.