Tourists are fans of Jupiter’s warm weather, but they’re not the only ones. Destructive termites are also big fans of the area. The southern United States, particularly in coastal areas, consistently has higher levels of termite activity than other regions, and Jupiter is no exception. For area residents, Jupiter termite prevention is always top of mind.

Compared to the rest of the United States, Florida has an impressive diversity of termite species. Twenty-one species make the Sunshine State their home. A few are considered pests and can invade Floridians homes.

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites: As the most common species of termite in the United States, Eastern subterranean termites are a major nuisance. Jupiter is an area of high risk in Florida. These secretive termites can enter buildings through areas that are hard to inspect, like through cracks in concrete slab flooring. Queens can lay more than 2,000 eggs a day, so colonies can grow quickly.
  • Formosan Subterranean Termites: These insects are native to China, but they’re now found throughout the southeastern United States Their nests can contain millions of termites, so it’s no surprise that they’re the most destructive timber pests in America. Formosan subterranean termites can cause significant structural damage in just six months.
  • Florida Dampwood Termites: These termites are common in urban areas along the coast of Florida. They make their homes in water-damaged wood. Roof leaks, sprinklers, or wood-to-soil contact can provide the necessary moisture for these pests. To prevent infestations of these pests, controlling moisture and replacing moist wood is key.
  • Powderpost Drywood Termites: These termites prefer to live in wood with a low (less than 12 percent) moisture content. They can feed on doors, window frames, and even furniture. These termites can be transported from one place to another in furniture or other timbers.

Each of these termite species is different, and they’re attracted to different conditions. Unique skills are also required to prevent infestations of each type of termite. This complexity is why termite prevention shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project. Apex’s team of highly trained termite prevention professionals have the skills and experience required to protect your home.

To keep your home safe from destructive termites, turn to the Jupiter termite prevention professionals at Apex Pest Control. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for termite services. You can call us at (866) 675-4070 for more information, or you can request a quote online.