When left unchecked, termites can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. What’s worse, once their telltale signs begin to appear, the damage has usually already been done. That’s why it’s so important that home and business owners call in the professionals before trouble begins. When you need termite control, you need the best of the best. Call Apex Pest Control for the best in Palm Bay termite control.

Because of the warm climate, property owners in Florida are at high risk of termite infestations all year. Luckily, there are several preventative measures one can take to ensure their home receives the ultimate protection. If your home or business is left untreated, you risk termites finding your property, causing anguish, and costing you hard-earned money and time.

If you are considering buying a home or commercial establishment, it’s best to have experts examine the property before you purchase it. It takes a trained eye to spot the early presence of termites along with skills that involve the use of special tools such as Borescopes and FLIR infrared cameras. Our technicians can detect threats inside your walls and attic, beneath your floor, or deep below the surface of the ground where termite nests thrive. For those having a home or building constructed, we offer pre-construction treatments that deter termites, preventing them from getting a foothold on your developing property. We also offer a One Million Dollar Warranty that covers damage repair and treatment.

It’s important for home and business owners to work with a professional service company such as Apex Pest Control to conduct regular inspections and to lay down treatments to discover problems or to head them off before they become serious. Our Palm Bay termite control specialists are state certified and have the training and experience necessary to find and rid your property of termites. We use only the best treatments (including Wisdom® TC, Bora-Care®, and Termidor®) and offer a variety of service plans that are custom designed to meet your unique needs. We also offer a high level of professionalism and a personal touch.

Don’t leave your home or business vulnerable to some of the most destructive pests around and remember, for the best in Palm Bay termite control, call the experts at Apex Pest Control. We’ve been proudly serving customers throughout Florida since 1985.