Flying, biting, crawling, and crunching insects are a reality in Florida. Fortunately, the Oviedo pest control experts at Apex Pest Control can rid your house, lawn, and pool area from all these creatures and more. Their expert staff will answer your questions and rid your living area of all unwanted insects and other pests.

Termites are a destructive force to older homes, especially during the rainy season when poorly treated wood collects moisture from the air and ground, opening enough to allow termites to penetrate and devour door frames, window ledges, and garage moldings. The Oviedo pest control experts at Apex Pest Control can assess the previous damage, recommend a treatment plan to kill existing termites, and seal the wood to control additional termite damage.

Your lawn is a reflection of your personality. Whether you enjoy the whimsy of garden elves or the military regulation edge around your flowerbeds, your lawn shows neighbors and friends a piece of your personality. When microbes and insects disfigure your lawn’s appearance, it can make you feel as disappointed in how your lawn looks. Apex Pest Control’s trained professionals are the Oviedo pest control superheroes to save your lawn and bring a smile back to your face.

It is difficult to enjoy a family meal when you have pesky flies buzzing around your meatloaf or you see a roach skitter across the floor. Keep your family’s mealtime more sanitary by calling Apex Pest Control to eradicate your home from flying and crawling insects. They can create an individualized protection plan that meets your needs, whether they visit once a month or once a year.

Protect your home, yard, and family with a call to Oviedo pest control experts Apex Pest Control. Reach them by phone at (866) 675-4070 or you can browse our website for information on our pest control services.