The Central Florida area is located in a subtropical climate with a local environment filled with swamps, long stretches of rural area, and temperatures that rarely get below freezing. It’s no wonder that it is a natural incubator of all manner of pests and rodents, many of which will more than likely be interested in spending some time in your home and business. The highly-trained specialists in Orlando pest removal at Apex Pest Control offer a variety of services and techniques in order to remove and eradicate any problem you may be facing.

Apex Pest Control has been in the business of bug removal in Orlando for over thirty years, and it is this experience that guides and powers us. All pest treatments are not created equal, and many over-the-counter or unqualified treatment solutions can create more damage to your home than actual help.

The Orlando pest removal experts at Apex do more than simply spray. We are equipped with cutting-edge techniques to be applied to lawn care, termites, rodent infestations, and more. Some of the more densely populated portions of the City Beautiful are experiencing an uptick in rats and cockroaches. This is a common trait in cities as they age as they offer more fertile urban habitats left to rodents and vermin. Regular treatment can be key. Even though you may keep your property pest free, there’s always the neighbor. Pests are relentless, but so are we.

Our professional technicians are a welcome sight and a fixture in the community since 1985. We offer a no-obligation free inspection of any property (commercial, residential, or otherwise) that you may fear has a pest issue, and we will get to the bottom of any concern. Apex’s Orlando pest removal team finds their trademark on being friendly and thorough. No matter the removal issue, termites, bedbugs, rodents, cockroaches, vermin and many more, we will keep coming back until your family is safe and secure.

For a free inspection and estimate for removal, contact 866-675-4070, or feel free to continue browsing our website for more information. Also, take the time to look at some of our annual packages; they will keep your home pest free after removal and take some of the stress out of living in such a high-density insect area of the country. Our promise is to get back to any request for information within 24 hours.