When most people think of a pest control company, their imagination pictures an exterminator spraying baseboards. Apex Pest Control offers many more services than quarterly home maintenance, though. The Ocoee pest control specialists at Apex would like to share information pertaining to the services they provide for Ocoee and the surrounding area.

For customers who are building a new residence, Apex can treat the soil for subterranean termites before construction begins as well as treating the subfloor and timber used in your home’s framework. Using high-quality insecticides such as Bora-Care®, AdonisTM and Termidor®, Apex guarantees your home will not suffer termite damage and backs its claim with a $1 million home warranty and a $5 million business warranty.

Most pests wander into your home from the yard. By creating a barrier around your yard’s perimeter, pests are much less likely to crawl or fly in and invade your summer pool party or home. Apex’s trained lawn specialists will also ensure your turf remains free of bothersome grass diseases. The ability to treat your lawn before problems arise, or as soon as patches of discolored lawn appear, will keep your lawn lush and green throughout the year.

Apex has the staff and knowledge to treat commercial properties as well as residences. Whether you have a corner shop or a warehouse spanning an entire city block, Apex will be able to treat the grounds and building for the pests you find lurking inside.

If you have a home or yard infestation that includes mice, hornets, wasps, carpenter ants, or any other bothersome or stinging pests that are too difficult or dangerous to handle on your own, call Apex. Their team will be able to remove the nest and keep the invaders from returning to that area.

Call 866-675-4070 today to speak with your Ocoee pest control team at Apex Pest Control, and look through our past blogs for an abundance of information explaining services, programs, pest control solutions, and pest identification.