termite-specialYou may have noticed the small, winged ant-like insects that seem to pop up during the spring and last only a short while. These insects are not ants at all, but “swarming” termites: immature king and queen termites blowing around on wind currents in search of a new place to create a colony. Most noticeable after a rainstorm, these termites have the ability to start a colony that may involve over a million termite inhabitants, an image most of us don’t want to imagine! The following tips by Orlando termite control company, Apex Pest Control, will help you prepare your home for the spring termite swarm and create the least pleasing environment possible for the future kings and queens of the mound.

  • Eliminate surplus termite food sources: Termites eat cellulose, and all plants are cellulose-based. While it seems unlikely you will strip your yard of every tree and flower, take precautions with the wood near your home. If you have a fireplace, store the wood at least 15 feet from your home on an elevated surface. Remove all fallen tree branches and dead limbs from trees and dig up old tree stumps. Not only will your yard’s appearance improve, but the termites will find it much less appealing.
  • Eliminate pools of standing water: Termites need water to survive. By taking a minute and sweeping up standing puddles, you can remove a source of nutrition for termites. Ensure your gutters and downspouts are working properly to prevent improper drainage, and check your exterior faucets for any leaks. If you have pets that drink outside, elevate their drinking containers to prevent termites from sipping your pet’s beverage.
  • Treat the soil and construction timbers before building: Homes under  construction can easily add this extra line of defense to save years of frustration and expense in the future.
  • Remove brush and growth close to your home’s foundation: Bushes make a soft, lush border around the exterior of your home. When the bushes are planted too closely to your home, though, termites that have invaded the bushes can easily transfer their tastes to plywood and your home’s framing. Trim tree branches that come in contact with your home’s façade or roof for the same reason. If you use wood mulch, move it 1 foot or more from your house’s foundation, or switch existing mulch for either cedar or a non-wood mulch, such as rubber mulch.
  • Contact Apex Pest Control for a complete home termite inspection: The ultimate defense occurs when a professional Orlando termite control company inspects your home every year or two. Although you may believe you have the ability to check for termite damage yourself, chances are if the damage is severe enough for you to notice it, termites have been infesting your home for years.

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