fbopengraphFormosan and Asian subterranean termites have invaded Florida and taken the state by storm. They have joined forces and colonies by interbreeding and forming a “super termite.” Apex Pest Control reported on these subterranean wood destroyers a few months ago and wants to ensure your home remains protected by giving you the following facts on this new breed of termite, along with tips for termite control for Orlando.

  • Both species of termites arrived in the 1980s in extremely low numbers. The manageable, single-digit nests of 40 years ago escalated to approximately 20 in 1990, around 100 in 2000, to over 10,000 colonies today.
  • Each nest houses hundreds of thousands more termites than drywood termite species. With more termites per nest, the damage is much more intense and expedient.
  • March and April are swarming months for the reproductive members of termite nests (alates) as they fly from their subterranean homes to create new nests for themselves and other termites.
  • Global warming may have impacted the interbreeding since the two species live side-by-side in Asia and Hawaii, but have mating seasons separate from each other. Warmer than average winters in South Florida may have been the beginning of a perfect storm for the creation of this super breed.
  • It is uncertain whether the Formosan/Asian termite offspring are capable of reproduction and would legitimately be considered a new breed of termite that could survive in climates stretching from North Carolina to Brazil. Even if they prove not to be a true breed, this hybrid’s destruction is sure to be intense since a single colony of millions of termites can survive for 20 years.

Knowing these facts, it is imperative to protect your home and business before these dangerous hybrid termites begin to flourish in Florida and beyond. Apex Pest Control has a guaranteed program in termite control for Orlando. Give Apex a call at (866) 675-4070 to set up a termite inspection and begin a yearly schedule to ensure your property is protected from all termites.

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