termitesLook out Floridians, bug experts are predicting that this year, the termite season is going to be the worst ever seen in our state! Those awful subterranean termites are already swarming and all signs indicate that there are more of them than usual. But that doesn’t mean you should head for the hills because Orlando termite control specialists Apex Pest Control know just what to do—we can treat your lawn so the flying wood eaters will go elsewhere, or if need be, get rid of those that have already arrived. A little background:

  • The termite season in Florida peaks during May, June and July—that’s when homeowners need to be on high alert. If you see any sign of them, call for help from the pros.
  • Termite numbers are expected to be higher than normal this year because of unique weather conditions and because a new type of termite has arrived—the Asian termite—which actually eats more wood per bug than the kind we normally have.
  • The termites find mates in the spring (that’s what all the swarming is about) and look for a place to make a nest, such as your back yard. The real feeding doesn’t get started until things get sauna-like with our familiar hot temperatures and high humidity during the summer.
  • It is important to pretreat now to avoid substantial costs later. Without treatment, a lawn looks like a veritable Garden of Eden to prospecting termites. Applying treatment now means not having to risk structural damage later—termites cause between $500 million to a billion dollars worth of damage every year in our state alone. Termites really love it here.
  • Ways to make your home less of a target include: avoiding the use of mulch around your house, never using wooden landscaping timbers, fixing plumbing leaks and removing any structures that allow water to collect near your house.

To address the termite problem this year, Apex Pest Control is offering a $349 limited time special offer on subterranean termite prevention treatment for your property (we’ll also apply fertilizer if you’d like while we’re at it). We want to help you save your home from damage and the worry that swarming season can cause—we offer the ultimate in Orlando termite control services.

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