wood mouseThe impressive breeding habits of house mice are a big part of why they’re able to outlast other common household pests. Mice can multiply very quickly, and that makes them serious pests.

How Fast Mice Multiply

If you see a single mouse in your house, you may not be too worried. After all, it’s just one little mouse, right? Not so fast. Mice can multiply very quickly, and in no time, a small population can take over your house.

Unlike many other types of animals, mice don’t have a breeding season. They mate throughout the year. In a year, a single female mouse can have between five and 10 litters. Each litter consists of five to six babies. After about a month, the babies are able to reproduce and have litters of their own. A population of just six mice can grow to over 60 mice in three short months. From there, the population will continue to grow exponentially.

How Mice Multiply So Quickly

Mice are prey animals. When they live outdoors, many predators feed on them. These predators include owls, hawks, foxes, snakes, and skunks. These predators help control wild mouse populations.

Indoors, mice don’t have to worry about these predators. They can live safely in your basement or attic. Since mice have the ability to survive, the mouse population can grow quickly.

How to Control Mice Indoors

The main factor that limits mouse populations indoors is their access to food. Without adequate access to food, the population can’t keep growing. This is why careful food storage is a key part of indoor mouse control. Mice can chew through paper or cardboard packages in your pantry. Store your food in metal or thick plastic containers with tight lids to keep mice out.

Good housekeeping can also help eliminate rodent food sources. If you spill food, clean it up right away. Wash your dishes as soon as possible after you eat a meal. Store your trash in a sturdy rodent-proof container, and frequently wash the container.

Mice multiply quickly indoors, but with help, they can be controlled. Call the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex for help with your pest and wildlife needs. If you haven’t seen any mice in your home yet, be proactive and call us for preventative care.

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