mosquitoDo you feel like you always get more mosquito bites than everyone else? It’s not in your imagination – some people really are more attractive to mosquitoes than others, as Tampa pest control experts know. Here are a few reasons why mosquitoes may be drawn to you.  

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the main way mosquitoes find their targets. While everyone produces carbon dioxide, some produce more than others due to their metabolic rates. For example, people who are physically exerting themselves will release more.


Pregnant women are magnets for mosquitoes. Researchers think this is because they release more carbon dioxide. Pregnant women also tend to have warmer abdomens which may draw mosquitoes.


Studies have shown that those who drink even one beer are more attractive to mosquitoes than those who haven’t had any. Since drinking alcohol can raise your metabolic rate, increased carbon dioxide production may be why beer drinkers are popular with mosquitoes.

Skin Bacteria

Everyone’s skin is home to bacteria, though the number and type of bacteria varies from one person to another. These bacterial differences can make some people more appealing to mosquitoes than others. One study found that people with more foot bacteria, but lower bacterial diversity, attract more mosquitoes.

Clothing Choices

Mosquitoes tend to fly close to the ground to avoid being blown off course by wind. From that height, dark colors stand out against the horizon, while lighter colors blend in. People who wear dark clothing are easier to see, so they attract more mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes aren’t just drawn to carbon dioxide; they can also sense the compounds in sweat, like lactic acid and ammonia. If you tend to sweat more than others, or if you exercise outdoors, you may find yourself popular with mosquitoes.

Blood Type

There are four human blood types, A, B, AB, and O. About 80 percent of the US population secretes chemicals related to their blood type, and mosquitoes can sense these chemicals on the skin. Studies have indicated that mosquitoes are drawn to people with type O blood.

While some of these factors are within your control, others aren’t. However, no matter how much mosquitoes love you, you can still take steps to keep them away. For help controlling mosquitoes on your property, call Apex, the Tampa pest control company.