mouse-1335602_1920It’s difficult to live in Orlando and think of a mouse as anything but a tourist attraction. House mice can prove to be detrimental for homeowners, though, and these vermin are not wearing red pants and white gloves. Apex Pest Control, your Orlando pest control company, has the following information for you to determine whether you may be harboring a family of mice in your house.

  • Have you opened a kitchen drawer and heard bumping and scuttling noises, or noticed chewed corners on plasticware? Mice love to chew through soft fabrics, such as dishcloths and napkins and build nests from these items. Plastics that run through the dishwasher may still have food residue on them, which is an abundant feast for a mouse.
  • Mice have sharp teeth that constantly need to be worn down. They accomplish this through chewing. A lot of chewing. Electrical cords, gas lines, the foundation of your home, insulation, just about anything is fair game for a mouse’s chewing fixation. This can lead to dangerous conditions in your home, especially with gas and electrical lines. Many house fires have been caused by mouse infestations.
  • Mice are small enough to fit through holes the size of a quarter. With their sharp claws and lightweight bodies, mice can be heard scurrying through wallboards, in the ceiling, and under the floorboards. Their tendency to chew combined with their ability to fit in tiny spaces can lead to disasters for the foundation of your home as they chew passageways and eat through wood. If you suspect mice are eroding your foundation, contact Apex as soon as possible.
  • Mouse nests are easily identifiable. They are usually lined with soft material and often resemble bird nests. Look for mouse nests behind long-standing structures, such as trash bins outside near the foundation of your home, under plastic storage containers, in sheds, or any sheltered area.

Some forms of mice, such as deer mice, may harm more than houses. Because they carry diseases such as listeria and salmonellosis, you and your family can become quite ill if you come in contact with their urine, droppings, and saliva. Contact Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, at 866-675-4070 to schedule a consultation if you see or hear any signs of mice infestation in your home. Our past blogs have information pertaining to prevention and eradication measures you can take to alleviate many of your pest infestations.