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Florida weather can best be described as predictably unpredictable, with its steamy summer weather interrupted by afternoon showers almost every day and its dry season where heat lightning is the only weather element in the sky, aside from the blazing sun. Florida homeowners have learned to cope with the unusual weather patterns in their tropical monsoon climate by watching the skies more than the weather reports and by depending on the Miami-Dade/Broward County lawn care specialists at Apex Pest Control.

Perhaps one of the most prized possessions for homeowners is their lawn. Nothing could be worse than weeds sprouting up, or brown patches staining the beautiful green grass. If your lawn needs some extra attention, it’s best to seek professional help. Fortunately, Apex Pest Control is here to provide the Miami-Dade/Broward County area with expert lawn care service. Here are some of the areas lawn destroyers that plague the area.

  • Sod Webworms: Individual blades begin to take on a ragged appearance, indicating a you have a sod webworm problem. These brown patches of damaged grass can become larger and larger as the caterpillars spread out, looking for more food. It can quickly become out of control and a professional lawn care expert is the only one who can handle this problem.
  • Fungus: The signs of fungus problem are varied and the cause is generally too much water. Sometimes you may notice a few spots on individual blades of grass or leaves, or there may be random patches of dull brown or gray scattered over areas of the lawn.

At Apex, we care about our customers and their satisfaction. We pride ourselves on keeping your grass healthy, beautiful, and free of sod webworms. Schedule service now with the friendly professionals at Apex Pest Control.

Lawns need plenty of sunshine and rain to survive. Both are abundant in Florida, although the onslaught of rain during the long summer season leads to fungal overgrowth in lawns, which often develop patches of discolored or dead grass. The winter climate is much milder, with little rain and cooler evenings. Although the change in season brings cooler temperatures your grass may appreciate, winter’s sparse rain may prove detrimental. Lack of rain engenders its own host of problems, and your brown, decimated yard may only show signs of life in the green of the weeds. To alleviate weather’s fickle seasons, the Miami-Dade/Broward County lawn care specialists to contact are at Apex Pest Control. Their team is with you during every season to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.

With lawn health, it is often difficult for homeowners to determine the cause of a discolored patch on their lawn. Is it a fungus? Did an insect cause it? Could it be bacterial? Is one type of grass more resistant to specific diseases or insects than another? The Miami-Dade/Broward County lawn care specialists who can answer these questions and more are Apex Pest Control. Their lawn care experts will closely examine your lawn and recommend maintenance to keep your lawn looking its best.

If your lawn is not as appealing as it could be, or if you want to maintain the appearance of your lawn, give the Miami-Dade/Broward County lawn care team at Apex a call at (888) 220-1888. Expert advice is abundant on this website as well, so please browse for information on lawn maintenance, pest control, and other related items.

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Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators has recently acquired Apex Pest Control, Inc.. For more information regarding this merger, please visit this link.