youth-640094_1920With the summer season looming, it’s wise to begin thinking about the preparations you should be making for the oncoming surge of mosquitoes. Annoying to all and treacherous with the disease they can spread, mosquitoes can be even more dangerous to children. Apex Pest Control, Tampa pest control leaders, is here to help with five simple tips to help you safeguard your little ones over the long hot summer.

Cover Up

Good for adults and children alike, it’s one of the simplest and oddly effective ways to avoid mosquito bites. Something as easy as long sleeves and pants can ward off a good portion of bites. This is tough in the sweltering heat of the summer, obviously, but there are some remarkable lightweight materials that have come available over the years.

Know the Time of Day and Season

More of a tip for the new Floridian, but it’s critical to understand how much worse the mosquito problem is in our wet summer season as compared to the dry winter and spring. Being outside in the early mornings or (especially) around dusk requires that you take steps to protect your kids. Certain areas, and anything near freshwater, will attract extra mosquito attention.

Use Repellent

Repellents do work, although they are not an all-encompassing solution. A lot of this comes down to trial and error; some brands just work better for certain people. Beyond spray repellents, citronella candles are very effective, as is the shrubby plant the wax is derived from. It’s not a bad idea to plant a few around your outdoor areas (they thrive year round locally).

Don’t Use Repellent on Children Under Two Months

As a word of caution, never use spray repellents on children under two months. Their skin is just too sensitive to the array of mosquito repelling chemicals involved. Keeping infants inside during high-mosquito hours is your best approach, and, if you must get them outside, move quickly and cover them fully with clothing.

Clean Out Standing Water

You can help the mosquito problem around your home greatly by simply clearing out standing water in any space you can. Mosquitoes can reproduce in remarkably small portions of water, so be vigilant. This won’t solve the issue, of course, but it helps.

Take steps such as these this summer and see a world of difference in your interactions with these loathsome Florida pests. And beyond these easy tips, it’s always a good idea to contact professionals in the world of Tampa pest control, like those at Apex. With our decades of experience, we have some unique solutions. Call us today at (866) 675-4070.