Termites are a major issue in all of Florida’s towns and municipalities. We have everything they are looking for: good consistent year-round climate, an abundance of rural areas, and easily corruptible wood (as that same climate focuses its energy like a laser in the long summer months). And because of our climate, we also have many outdoor structures made of wood that can become infested themselves or act as entry points to more critical structures (such as homes, of course). Luckily, Apex Pest Control has all the tools for effective Maitland termite control.

In Florida, we have three general types of termites, each with its own specific set of issues that they create. They include the subterranean termite, formosan termites, and drywood termites. We should also include the Powderpost beetle as, although it is not technically a termite, its destructive effects can be remarkably similar. With each, detection is often difficult until damage (and often infestation) is in progress. Because of this, having a well-thought out and thoroughly executed termite prevention plan in place goes a long way. Experts at Apex Pest Control, local leaders in termite removal and prevention in the Maitland area for decades, are a terrific resource.

There are some things you can see that may lead to detection of termites on your property: mud tubes, wood in various form of destruction and, well, seeing termites themselves. But termites are feared, particularly in Florida as well as Maitland, specifically because they are so difficult to detect and remove. Termite prevention is not a job that most would recommend trying on your own, and removal is almost an art-form. Professionals doing a professional job mean a lot in this arena of pest control.
Maitland is a cozy Central Florida town and one of the oldest in the state. With the earliest official founding beginning all the way back in 1838 with Fort Maitland, the city has gone through a myriad of changes over the centuries: from a boom in citrus production to the growth associated with theme parks that entered the picture from the south. Maitland has always been a place of connection and transportation, but at its core, this is a small town with a population of only 15,751.

Another defining feature of Maitland, for our purposes here, is its many historical buildings: from the James Arch House (built in 1885) to the Hill-Stone House (constructed in 1908). Maitland boasts an architecture of homes outside of these historical names that makes a dense population of structures that have been in this state for many decades, and in some cases, over a century. This history is part of the fantastic fabric of the city, but it also makes it significantly more susceptible to termites: a fact not lost on residents, nor experts at Apex Pest Control. We can identify trouble spots before they become trouble, and we offer a free, no-obligation inspection and quote. For more information on Maitland termite control, call us at 866-675-4070.