Lawn care in Maitland, as long-time residents can surely tell you, is a non-stop, year-round battle. From pests to droughts and tropical systems: we get it all, and it never stops. Maitland is a small-town community that prides itself on civic beauty and has for decades. Lawn care figures into that quite nicely, for a bedroom community can only be as welcoming as the green carpet laid out before it. That’s a mission that the local experts with Apex Pest Control can assist with, given our years of regional knowledge.

Maitland, like many parts of Florida, has some very specific challenges when it comes to lawn care. Being smack dab in the middle of the sub-tropical climate is probably issue number one. Beautiful year round weather is one of the reasons we live here: it’s also a main attraction for an assortment of pests and critters that can do constant damage to that carefully managed front lawn. From sodworms to mole crickets to chinch bugs to army worms; the list of insects looking to attack your yard in Maitland is rather lengthy. And that just the pests. Given Maitland’s location, as well as its general age as a community, you also have to be on alert for mold, fungus, and a variety of weeds that change both with the season and the years.

In general, the three things that make up a good lawn protection service are local knowledge (held in abundance at Apex), persistence, and the right technology. Lawns can be different even from one city to the next, so having local specialists is a huge advantage. We will come out to your Maitland area home or business based strictly on the needs of your lawn: from monthly to simple quarterly checkups. Our technology is cutting-edge with both the ability to treat many acres of lawn, as well as precise treatments using custom blends of products that look to maximize efficiency. Maitland lawn care can be a complex business, one that we take very seriously, and one that goes a long way towards preserving the splendor of this diminutive southern town.

Your friendly technicians at Apex Pest Control have managed Maitland lawn care throughout the community for many years and know all the tricks and pratfalls that come with local lawns. Both winter and summer seasons present a unique set of challenges, but call today for a free no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070, and feel secure year round.