guys working with a flashlightDo you worry about termite damage? If so, your fears aren’t unfounded. Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage. Termite infestations can remain undetected until there is significant damage. Regular termite inspections can help detect problems at an earlier stage before too much damage has been done. During an inspection, here’s what the team at Apex looks for.

Winged Termites

Established termite colonies produce winged reproductive termites called alates. These termites fly off to make their own nests in the spring. If winged termites are found in and around your home, there’s probably a termite colony somewhere nearby.

Mud Tubes

To travel safely between their underground colonies and their food sources, termites build mud tubes. These tubes are usually about the diameter of a pencil. They can be seen on foundation walls, floor joists, and other parts of a home’s structure. Breaking open the tubes and checking for termites can help determine if the infestation is active.

Hollow Wood

When termites feed, they eat wood from the inside out. This means the damage may not be immediately apparent. To find hidden termite damage, pest control professionals knock or tap on wood around homes. Termite-damaged wood will sound hollow since part of the wood has been eaten away.

Features That Can Harbor Termites

During a termite inspection, pest control professionals don’t just look for signs that termites are already present. They also look for property features that could harbor termites. After these features are identified, they can be removed or modified to lower your risk of termite problems.

Deadwood, firewood, and wood mulch are just some of the features a pest control professional may point out during an inspection. Fallen tree limbs and other deadwood should be discarded, while firewood should be stored off the ground and at least 20 feet away from the house. Wood mulch can be used, but shouldn’t be piled up beside your home’s foundation.

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