clutter-560701_1920Clutter in a home acts as a natural environment for many pest populations. And clutter is a broad term that fits many definitions, but basically, keeping your home or outdoor area free of trash and general debris makes it less inviting for pests. Insects, for the most part, need cover to thrive and survive. By providing it around your home, you are making an artificial environment that will be quickly filled by some creature or another.

By keeping household areas clear and clean, you have taken away one of the biggest reasons pests have for moving indoors and into your home. Sometimes, this can be subtle and sometimes not. But it’s always a good idea to have guidance from your local Brevard County pest control experts at Apex as we can advise you on the best pest control practices and the most common mistakes in trying to keep a pest-free home. In the meantime, here are areas in your home to look for in terms of clutter:

  • Food: Food! It’s that simple. Leave nothing out: crumbs, stains, a glass of fruit punch. Anything and everything attract pests in the food department, and there is no greater form of clutter that creates pest risks. It’s absolutely critical that you stay on top of this.
  • Paper & Fabric: This may seem a little unimportant, but many pests see paper plates and long-standing types of fabric as food. If you have a collection of fabric that hasn’t moved for a solid period of time, there’s a good chance some sort of pest has moved in.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms: It seems obvious because it is. Your kitchen and bathrooms are the utmost nexus points for pest, kitchens because of the food and bathrooms because of the moisture. Keep on top of these two areas in terms of clutter and the rest of the home will follow.
  • Outdoors: Sometimes the biggest problem comes from outside. Consider your backyard and the areas around your house as a red carpet for pests: once rolled up, the guests stop arriving.

And if you think you have pest problems that relate to clutter, feel free to call the experts in Brevard County pest control at Apex at 866-675-4070. We can clear out trouble areas and provide solutions in the future. Offering no-cost inspections and quotes and minimum 24-hour response time, Apex Pest Control is a godsend in the world of pest control.