insects-566408_1280Ants are incredible creatures. With a range of adaptations and techniques for taking over spaces of a both a natural and artificial setting, ants are almost always going to be the most common pest you will encounter in your Orlando home or business. Orlando pest control experts at Apex have a range of methods and tips for controlling ant populations in unwanted places, but it’s also worth taking a moment to consider the abilities of a creature that can be seen as having superpowers.

There are nearly 20,000 species of ants spread across the world in a multitude of shapes, sizes and environments. Ants are everywhere; they can live within your walls, and under your home. And most ants actually want access to your property because of a resource they need to be able to consistently rely on: water. But what are some aspects of their behavior and physical structure that we would consider a superpower?

  • Strength: The largest of ants are still tiny, but they are incredibly powerful. Ants can lift up to 5,000 times their body weight. This lifting ability allows them great defensive skill as well as aiding in nest construction.
  • Body Armor: One of the reasons ants can lift so much is because of their amazingly strong exoskeletons. Or: body armor. Ants are durable and tougher than most insects simply because of this trait.
  • Invisible Scent: Ants communicate via scent trails that are generally only identifiable amongst ants. These scents can signify what task the ants are up to, as well as acting as jerseys that colonies use to identify one and other. Recently, human researchers have gotten better at understanding these scents, and they could be used in pest management situations of the future.
  • Social Hierarchy: Ants are social superheroes. It’s one of their huge advantages over other insect species in a battle for space and food. By working together (and learning as a group), ants are able to do things their small bodies otherwise would not allow.

Be it prevention or removal, contacting the Orlando pest control experts with Apex is always a smart decision when dealing with any issues. There are many steps that can be taken to keep ants from becoming a problem on your property in the first place, and for more information on these concepts, as well as a no-cost inspection, feel free to contact your pest experts at Apex at 866-675-4070, or e-mail us at any time.