lawn-mowerWhen your body is healthy, it’s able to fight off diseases and illnesses. The same is true for lawns. When lawns are in tip-top shape, they can keep the bugs at bay. To keep your grass healthy and lush, follow these helpful tips from the Tampa lawn care experts at Apex.

Avoid Overwatering Your Lawn

Water is essential for a healthy, green lawn, but it’s possible to overdo it. If you water your lawn too frequently, you could end up drowning your lawn. It’s best to thoroughly water your lawn once or twice a week.

To make sure you’re not overwatering your lawn, use a rain gauge. Lawns need between one and two inches of water a week. That includes the water they get from the rain. During rainy periods, you may not need to do much watering.

If you have an irrigation system, check to make sure it’s functioning properly. The lawn should be watered evenly to stay healthy. If some areas are getting overwatered, your lawn could suffer.

Watch Out for Lawn Pests

Southern chinch bugs are one of the lawn pests we have here in Florida. They’re mainly found in St. Augustine grass. They feed on your grass by sucking out its juices. If your lawn is being taken over by these pests, the grass will look like it’s under stress.

Grubs are other lawn pests Floridians need to watch out for. Grubs are beetle larvae, and they feed on the roots of your grass. When this happens, large, irregular patches of your grass will turn brown. If you can easily pull up dead sections of your grass, you probably have grubs. If the populations of these lawn pests are getting out of control, insecticides can help.

Watch Out for Fungal Diseases

Excess moisture provides a great environment for fungi, and fungal diseases like brown patch can show up on your lawn. Circular areas of brown, dead grass are a sign of this disease. To stop the disease from spreading, you can apply fungicides to the lawn. Improved air flow and soil drainage will also help.

Fertilize and Aerate Your Lawn

Lawns need nutrients to stay healthy. Have your soil tested first, and then choose an appropriate fertilizer for your soil’s needs. Aerating the lawn also helps nutrients reach the roots of the grass. Healthy lawns are able to combat drought and survive hot, dry weather.

By following these tips, you can keep your lawn healthy and green. To learn more, contact the Tampa lawn care professionals at Apex.