Tampa enjoys year-round warm weather and plenty of rain. When lawns in other parts of the country are buried underneath snow, Tampa’s lawns can still be green and healthy, but these climatic advantages don’t mean that Tampa’s lawns don’t require a little help to look and feel their best. Consistent Tampa lawn care can give your lawn the boost it needs.

Maintaining a lawn requires special skills and equipment. Each grass cultivar has its own tolerance to environmental stresses, like drought or weeds. Susceptibility to pests can also vary from one type of grass to another. In Tampa, we often encounter these damaging pests lurking in lawns.

  • Armyworms: Armyworms are a concern in the spring and fall. Each female can produce around 1000 eggs, and when the eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the grass blades. They can create unsightly bare patches on lawns.
  • Cutworms: In Tampa, these lawn pests can be active from early spring to late fall. The larvae come out at night to feed on grass blades and shoots. The results of this feeding aren’t pretty. You could see depressed spots on your lawn or circular dead areas.  
  • Southern Chinch Bugs: Chinch bugs suck the sap out of St. Augustine grass, and make the plants look yellow, wilted, or dead. Damage tends to be concentrated, so you may see patches of yellow or brown grass in an otherwise beautiful lawn.
  • Sod Webworms: The larval stage of these worms can cause serious damage to grass. Since they chew notches in leaves, affected grass can start to look raggedy. When large numbers of sod webworms are present, birds can be drawn to the lawn and can cause even more damage as they look for the worms.
  • Fire Ants: While fire ants won’t directly damage your lawn, they can still cause serious problems. Their mounds are unattractive and can distract guests from any beautiful landscaping. Since these aggressive ants will sting anyone who gets too close, fire ant activity can make mowing your lawn a challenge.  

At Apex, we understand that every lawn has unique needs. Instead of providing one-size-fits-all services, we take the time to analyze and inspect every lawn. Our expertly trained technicians will then perform the custom services your lawn needs, such as treatments for specific pest problems or applications of appropriate fertilizers.

To get your lawn inspection and analysis, give Apex Pest Control a call at (866) 675-4070. As Tampa lawn care experts, we want your lawn to be the envy of your neighbors all year long.