Kissimmee’s humid, subtropical climate means that residents can enjoy healthy, green lawns all year long. While the beautiful year-round weather makes maintaining a lawn easier in some ways, it also brings challenges. A variety of destructive pests and lawn diseases thrive in Kissimmee’s warm climate and can wreak havoc on lawns. For local homeowners, Kissimmee lawn care is essential.

The expert technicians at Apex Pest Control often identify and control lawn pests. Some of the pests that are frequent visitors to Kissimmee lawns include:

  • Chinch Bugs: St. Augustine grass, a common variety found in Florida, is a favorite food for chinch bugs. They suck sap out of the grass only for yellow and brown patches to develop shortly afterwards. Considerable damage can result, so treatment is essential to save the lawn.
  • White Grubs: These hungry grubs feed on grass roots. The damaged grass becomes less able to absorb water, and it yellows and dies. The scattered brown patches that appear on lawns are an eyesore.
  • Fire Ants: The unsightly mounds these ants build in lawns are bad enough, but the ants can also be dangerous. If you get too close to these aggressive ants, they’ll sting you repeatedly. It’s impossible to enjoy your lawn when you’re worried about getting stung by vicious ants.

Insects aren’t the only obstacle standing between you and the beautiful, green lawn of your dreams. There are plenty of fungi that can infect your lawn and harm its health and appearance:

  • Rust: Rust is a fungal disease that can affect stressed lawns. Yellow specks first appear on grass blades, and as the disease worsens, whole patches of the lawn can turn orange.
  • Large Patch: This fungal disease can cause round, discolored patches of grass. The borders of the patches can turn orange and the centers are brown. Damp weather creates the perfect condition for this disease.
  • Take-All Root Rot: Many lawns have this fungus on their roots. During periods of heavy rain, it can become a serious problem. The lawn can develop light yellow or green patches, and eventually, it can die.

To protect lawns from pests and disease, Apex Pest Control draws on over 30 years of experience. Our expert technicians carefully inspect and analyze each lawn before recommending a customized lawn maintenance plan. Depending on your lawn’s individual needs, we may recommend a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly maintenance plan.

If you’re concerned about the health and appearance of your lawn, the Kissimmee lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control can help. To set up your no-charge lawn care estimate, call us at (866) 754-4070.