Living in the subtropical climate of South Florida means warm months almost year round, with temperatures above freezing during winter. This sounds ideal for Lake Worth residents and even more exciting for insects and arachnids since the lack of freezing temperatures will maintain populations of either bugs or larvae every year. While pests have learned to adapt to human habitats, humans have not learned to love sharing their homes with pests. Keep your Lake Worth home and business pest-free with the help of Lake Worth pest control specialists at Apex Pest Control.

Running a small business is hectic, time-consuming, and exhausting. Let Apex Pest Control handle the headache of pest management so you can gain control over your day. Their caring team will schedule maintenance at your convenience to keep traffic flowing. They will even schedule times on weekends or after business hours. Apex can help every business, small or large, with infestations of insects, arachnids, or rodents. Once your building or warehouse is pest-free, Apex will work with you to set up a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule to ensure your inventory and customers are safe and comfortable.

Your Lake Worth home deserves to be treated with respect. Keep native pests outside with a call to Apex Pest Control. Their team will inspect every aspect of your landscape and home, give advice on simple tasks you can complete to make your property less inviting to pests, and set up a barrier protection for your home, garden, lawn, and pool area to check for signs of infestation. Mice nesting in the shed, roaches scuttling across the patio, chinch bugs munching on the lawn, and moths buzzing around the pool will all be exterminated with one call to Apex.

For information pertaining to pests that invade homes, yards, and businesses, contact the leading Lake Worth pest control company, Apex Pest Control Inc, or call (866) 675-4070 to set up an appointment with our experts.