Lake Mary is one of Apex Pest Control’s keystone coverage locations. As one of the most trusted brands in Florida pest control, Apex has a keen interest in keeping its neighbors in the northern Orlando suburbs free of creatures of all types: from the outright dangerous to the nuisance. And Lake Mary, in the center of the state, is often a nexus for invasive pest species that come to this area because of both the favorable environment and the city’s proximity to a hub of tourism.
Incorporated only in 1973, but a part of the Central Florida fabric and a bustling town since the 19th century, Lake Mary fits snuggly inside of 10-square miles. It began as a citrus town, like so many others in the state, and the legacy of that sweet fruit lives on, even as the more incorporated agriculture has been cut back. That said, fields of aging citrus are still around town and offer stellar environment for pests that can eventually find their way to your home. Lake Mary’s rapid growth in the 1980’s and 90’s is a source of great pride, but keeping a small-town feel is also vital to its identity. A small pest free town. Apex is on the vanguard, arm in arm, with our Lake Mary neighbors in the never ending battle with local pests.

From lawn care to infestations and prevention, Apex offers an array of services and products. With free quotes and inspections to any property in the community of Lake Mary, we can identify problem areas and deploy our resources early and often. Lake Mary is a beautiful tight-knit community with an abundance of natural resources. It’s a place where family and safety are the highest of priorities, and pest management plays a factor in that sense.

Some of the more common pest issues in Lake Mary stem from its surrounding woods and wetlands. The city also has an abundance of well-manicured lawns; prime ground for Chinch bugs and the like. But whatever the issue, Apex Pest Control is your neighbor and partner. Call today at 866-675-4070 for a free inspection and quote, or e-mail us for more information on our services and products.