Centered basically in the middle of Florida, and known as the home city for Disney, Lake Buena Vista is a versatile place. Named after a small lake in the area (Buena Vista translates roughly to “good view” in Spanish), this is a warm and sultry portion of the state that receives buckets of rainfall annually and some of the coldest temperatures in Central Florida in the winter due to its distance from the moderating current of the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Buena Vista is also, of course, a main hub for tourists, and one of the most heavily visited places on the planet. This attracts some varied pest issues, but with the age of some of the structures dating back over a half-century and the swampy, humid, woodland environment, Lake Buena Vista termite control is often needed.

Termites can come in many forms in the Lake Buena Vista area. They include:

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites: A dangerous variety renowned for its underground colonies.
  • Powderpost Termites: Named for their ability to turn wooden posts into powder. This is not hyperbole.
  • Dampwood Termites: Attracted primarily to damaged wood as well as wood containing some amount of water, these termites are found often in outdoor structures.
  • Formosan Termites: Commonly found in any home or business, this is an invasive species that can create gigantic colonies.

Inspecting for termites in all but the absolute worst cases is part art and part science. The signs may only be present for the professional. Often, if the damage created by termites is visible, you’re already way behind the eight ball. So we recommend prevention and structural preparation as the two most important aspects of proper termite control in the Lake Buena Vista area.
Apex has the technology and the experience needed to deal with Central Florida’s tough and resilient termites. We’ve been around for decades, and have evolved our capabilities over that time. We offer inspections that go far beyond simply knocking on wood, with products like FLIR-infrared cameras and borescopes. We also provide a wide range of time-tested treatment options including Wisdom® TC, Bora-Care®, and Termidor®.

Beyond our termite tools are the professional faces of Apex. Our technicians are friendly and precise; they are your neighbors as well as your pest management professionals. Termites, especially in the businesses of the Lake Buena Vista area, are right in our wheelhouse. We always offer free and no-obligation inspections, and we try to give you a quote immediately. Our goal is to treat the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. After we’ve contained your initial issue, we look to ensure your home or business is termite protected year after year. For more information on Lake Buena Vista termite control, contact us today.