The Lake Buena Vista area is unique and always bustling. With new construction a constant, along with millions of visiting tourists and a tropical, damp climate, pests find the area to be quite to their liking. Apex Pest Control, a local institution that has been in Lake Buena Vista since 1985, is here to help. We bring decades of experience and an army of friendly, highly-knowledgeable technicians into any Lake Buena Vista pest control situation. By bringing us on your side, you can rest easy with the awareness that the best in Central Florida pest management is constantly working with you.

Lake Buena Vista has both bustling urban areas and beautiful, wide-open rural spaces. This mix creates an opening for many types of creatures and critters. Below are just a few that we have dealt with commonly in the area over the years.

  • Termites: Voracious and well-renowned in all of Florida, termites have a special hold on Central and South Florida because of water access and year-round temperatures that very rarely dip below freezing. Many sub-species call Lake Buena Vista home, and we are well aware of them all. Good, effective treatment starts early.
  • Roaches: A ubiquitous Florida pest, cockroaches can be difficult to rid from a home our business. Their legendary ability to survive is not hyperbole, nor is the damage they can inflict to your property if they go untreated. Plus, yuck.
  • Bed Bugs: With the exceptionally high hotel capacity of Lake Buena Vista, and a consistent flow of visitors from around the globe, bed bugs can be a concern. From businesses to homes, they are a threat to be taken seriously and only truly taken care of by professionals (such as the local gurus at Apex Pest Control).
  • Chinch bugs: Don’t forget your gorgeous Lake Buena Vista lawn. Central Florida is host to a very wide variety of pests that love devouring our pristine St. Augustine grass, and chinch bugs fall right on this list. Easily detectable by the distinct circular patterns of dead grass they create, but difficult to eradicate once ingrained, let our knowledge and experience work for you.

Having a local, family-owned pest control group on your side is invaluable when making a home or starting a business in Lake Buena Vista. We have all the solutions for any pest problem, from the extraordinary PIPELINE™ system to lawn care and termite services, Apex Pest Control has the tools and the knowledge. We’ve been around for over three decades for a reason. When dealing with the tricky nature of an ever-shifting Central Florida pest landscape, go with the best. Contact us today at 866-675-4070. Our initial quotes and inspections are entirely free and come with no obligations; let us use our experience to craft your ideal Lake Buena Vista pest control plan.