Kissimmee is a vibrant and multifaceted Central Florida city with a beautiful downtown and a small-town feel. Incorporated in 1883, and now boasting a growing population of 59,682, it’s a town near the heart of Central Florida’s tourism industry. And because of that, it needs to leave a good, pest-free, impression. Apex Pest Control has been a Kissimmee pest control community partner for many years, and our friendly local experts know every corner of this still booming residential area. In a place with many uniquely themed and designed buildings, local knowledge is all the more important.

In a city of a little over 21 square miles, a lot of Florida-based parks, recreation, and trails come together around this charming place in the center of the state. As do almost daily thunderstorms in the summer, and gorgeous but dry periods in the fall and winter. It’s an exceptional climate, one that rarely dips below the freezing mark, and it’s this weather that attracts people from around the world. As well as pests. Kissimmee is also bisected by some of the state’s largest commuter roadways, such as I-4 and US 192, as well as an airport. All this transport adds up to Kissimmee being a bit of a hub in the greater Central Florida area. It’s a melting pot of east and west, with rural pastures and a bustling old downtown. This is Florida’s nexus, a place with all of the state’s matchless features on display: a place built around citrus, but moving into the 21st century as a modern player in technology, growth, and entertainment.

The town also has a distinctive geography common to Florida but rare nationally: swamps and lakes in a huge abundance (notably Lake Tohopekaliga to the city’s south), as well as an interesting mix of urban land next to old pine forest. This, plus the aforementioned year round hospitable weather and a steady flow of out of state foot traffic, makes it a city vulnerable to invasive pest species. And with its older buildings, more common Florida pests like termites and cockroaches are a consistent point of notice. Kissimmee’s general beauty can hide these loathsome creatures, but the Kissimmee pest control experts with Apex Pest Control, keeping a constant guard, are the ultimate defense.