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A subtropical climate gives Jacksonville residents the advantage of experiencing the outdoors year-round, including the enjoyment of their own backyards. With temperatures dropping below freezing only a handful of times each year, grass can continue to thrive, even in the winter months. While some forms of turf become dormant, others are able to overwinter in a semi-rest state with little maintenance. Spring heralds in green grass, flowering buds, and seasonal insects, bacteria, and fungi that compete for the food sources in your lawn. Fortunately, the Jacksonville lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control can maintain your yard through all seasons with expert advice and care.

Living in the Sunshine State doesn’t always guarantee a healthy and beautiful lawn. For Jacksonville, Apex offers residential and commercial services for lawn care and treatments.

  • Sod Webworms: North Florida faces problems from sod webworms each year. Preventing these pests from appearing is not possible and killing its population is not easy. They cause damage by chewing on your blades of grass and are increasingly traveling further south as well.
  • Grass Types: Most HOAs require that North Florida residents have St. Augustine or Zoysia grass. For those who live in the outer areas, Bahia and Centipede grass are recommended. Bermuda grass is not ideal as it doesn’t respond well to lawn chemicals.

Whatever the problem may be, all of our technicians are prepared to help you. To ensure things get efficiently done, you will receive the same technician from when you schedule service until the job is done, so you get the assurance that your lawn needs are understood and completed.

Homes and business facades are both enhanced with a pleasing lawn. Apex Pest Control can keep your yard looking green and lush by keeping insects, bacterial invaders, and fungi from invading. Businesses, such as golf courses, may require extensive maintenance while small storefronts may demand only occasional maintenance when problems develop. Whether it’s one application a year or monthly visits to maintain superior lawn health, the folks at Apex are ready to take away your lawn worries.

Many turfs have specific problems, from chinch bugs in St. Augustine grass to sod webworms in Bermuda grass. Homeowners often find it difficult to diagnose a brown spot in their yard or identify why one small section of turf is dying while the surrounding grass is green and healthy. Diagnosis is key, and purchasing a broad-spectrum fungicide or insecticide will often prove detrimental to not only the problem area but the healthy grass around it. Apex understands Jacksonville lawn care needs and will use the correct amount of the right pesticide to rid your lawn of any nuisance.

Read our blogs for additional information pertaining to lawn care and maintenance, and then give the Jacksonville lawn care specialists at Apex Pest Control a call at (866) 675-4070 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. It will undoubtedly be the best call you can make for your business’s or home’s lawn.

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