Apex Pest Control has been serving the North Florida area for years, with Jacksonville Beach an important piece of that large land mass. Many issues confront this peaceful beach town in the realm of pest control, from cockroaches to sod webworms. Its idyllic location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a year-round, semi-tropical climate, creates some unique challenges. Our experience and knowledge is invaluable in this regard; by having decades of pest expertise in North Florida, we can often see the problems coming before they even reach your home. When you invest in Jacksonville Beach termite control, you invest in the quality of your home.

One issue that is particularly worrisome in the Jacksonville Beach area is termites. As a long-established city with a constant flow of corrosive salt-air mingling in, homes and structures can be vulnerable to many sub-species of common Florida termites. Highly-destructive eastern subterranean termites are our biggest concern, but the Formosan and powderpost varieties will also be on the radar.

Jacksonville Beach termite vulnerability facts:

  • The area receives (on average) three to eight inches of rain monthly; termites are attracted to the dampness this can create in wood.
  • Queen termites lay eggs every 15 seconds.
  • Formosan termites, once well-established, have shown the ability to eat 13 ounces of wood daily. This is a common variety found in the Jacksonville Beach area.

Fortunately, these issues all have solutions, and Apex is well-prepared. Our friendly technicians can act quickly and work proactively to eradicate a termite issue. One of the best ways to deal with termites in North Florida, however, is to stay one step ahead of them. You can do that in conjunction with Apex by getting your house treated during construction with:

  • Bora-Care®
  • Termidor®

These systems allow homeowners to treat the wood being used to create your home or the soil beneath and around it. This added layer of protection is highly effective and can only be applied by Jacksonville Beach area pest control experts.

Older and long-standing homes have termite treatment solutions available as well. It’s also important to keep up a schedule of checks done by Apex technicians to ensure you do not have a developing termite problem. Often with these creatures, you won’t see damage or notice an issue until a colony is well-established. By this point, both removal and re-sealant from an ingrained colony can be more complex and expensive (not to mention the destruction already caused to your home).

To get ahead of these issues and many more, contact Apex Pest Control for Jacksonville Beach termite control today at 866-675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours. By being proactive in your approach to termites in North Florida, you can avoid the long lasting impacts they can create.