The Jacksonville Beach area is unique in ecology compared to the rest of Florida. North Florida manages to mix the tropical mugginess of Central and South Florida with occasionally brutal cold stretches that don’t make it into other parts of the state. As a port city, and one with close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean but further distance from the warm Gulf Stream than Floridians to the south, the exotic pests that can come through the area vary. When dealing with Jacksonville Beach pest control, different approaches and tactics have to be taken. When deploying tactics, experience and knowledge go quite a distance. By trusting the best in Apex Pest Control, a family-run business that has been in the local community for more than 30 years, you’ll be in the care of your neighbors and friends in Jacksonville Beach.

Did you know Jacksonville is the biggest city in the United States? If you did, that means you’re a local and you’ll have read the above sentence (or heard someone say it) about three million times over the course of your life. If you didn’t know that ubiquitous fact, welcome to Jacksonville! It’s an interesting city, and yes, the largest in square miles in the country, measuring over 840 in total. We root for the Jaguars, never miss a Florida/Georgia game in the Fall (largest cocktail party on earth), and sit at the mouth of the epic St. John’s River. Jacksonville Beach is like Jacksonville’s laid back surfer uncle who enjoys a slower pace and quaint bars.

But what pests can threaten Jacksonville Beach? Quite a few, and some unique ones at that. The cities of Northern Florida are old and well-established; this can, and does, lead to a few instances of both termites and cockroaches. Cockroaches are especially prevalent along the Jacksonville coast with the marshy ecology and abundance of food sources. Termites are more of an issue for older parts of the Jacksonville metro area, but any new construction along the coast is always advised to have some sort of treatment before building (with Apex-applied Bora-Care® always a good option).

As mentioned, Jacksonville’s deeply entrenched shipping lines can always act as a transportation system for invasive pests and rare creatures. Staying aware of the newest issues in pest management may not be a hobby for you, but it is for us here at Apex Pest Control. When dealing with an area as unique and shifting as Jacksonville Beach, it’s smart to go with local professionals who keep an ear to the ground. Winter or summer, termites to mosquitoes, we have the solutions for any type of pest control situation. We’ve also got the decades of experience needed to use them properly. Call today for more information about Jacksonville Beach pest control at 866-675-4070.